No other administration other than Hirshabelle is allowed in the region – Hiiraan Governor

Hiiraan Governor Yusuf Ahmed Hagar (Dabageed) has hailed the completion of Hirshabelle regional administration, terming the latest electoral process in Jowhar as an important milestone towards formulating a fully-fledged federal state for Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle regions.

Reacting to Monday’s presidential election in Jowhar, where Ali Abdullahi Osoble was elected in a highly contested secret ballot box, Mr. Dabageed lauded the Hirshabelle parliament for their ‘shrewd political maturity’ towards completion of the overdue state-building process.

Mr Dabageed has pledged his allegiance to the new administration underscoring that no other administration other than Hirshabelle is allowed in the region, ruling out any chance of a parallel in state formation in Hiiraan.

The Hiiraan Governor was reacting to the landmark election of Ali Abdullahi Osobleh as the new president of Hirshabelle state, putting the prolonged Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle regional conflation deadlock to an end.

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