Northern leaders want refugees deported, says camps being used as Al Shabaab training ground

Political leaders in Northern region have asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to repatriate with immediate effect all refugees taking refuge in the country, since the camps have become a recruiting and planning ground for Al-Shabaab.
22 political leaders from the region led by Majority leader in the national assembly Aden Duale, said it’s time the President takes a bold step and orders the sending of refugees who have been blamed for constant terror attacks back home. Duale said United Nations should look for alternative locations for refugees inside Somalia, adding that terrorists’ elements were using the camps as their planning and recruiting ground. “We are ready to change the law in regards to the repatriation of refugees, we are telling the President that northern leaders are fully supporting the government in the fight against terror elements,” he said. “It’s very unfortunate that 147 innocent students lost their lives at the hands of terrorist gangs. This terrorists pretend to spare Muslims in all their attacks in Kenya, while at the same time they have been killing tens of thousands of Somali/Muslim in Somalia,” said Garissa township lawmake
the leaders while addressing a public rally at Garissa primary school ground, asked locals to flush out Al-Shabaab sympathizers in their midst so as to stop killing of fellow Kenyans, while at the same time appealing to the religious leaders to preach against what Al-Shabaab is doing. “Garissa has more than 1000 mosques with their imams, we are calling upon all stakeholders in these mosques to come forward and speak out strongly against the Al-Shabaab menace,” said Garissa governor Nathif Jama. Jama said leaders in the region will go back to the drawing board so as to come up with amicable solutions to terror attacks that have almost crippled the three counties economically and in terms of human resource.
Mandera Governor, Ali Roba, who had been a victim of repeated terror attack in the recent past by Al-Shabaab, said the goal of the militant is to make sure there are economic sanctions in the three counties of Garissa, Mandera and Wajir. “We must fight collectively this war as leaders; we must not rely solely on the police and the government, these people have penetrated into our society, what they want is to make sure that nothing good happens in our counties,” we must fight back together strongly,” said Roba. MPs who were present at the function among other leaders were Aden Duale (Garissa), Mohamed Shidiye (Lagdea), Mohamed Dahiye (Dadaab), Garissa governor Nathif Jama and his Mandera Counterpart. Others were Wajir senator Abdirahman Olow, cabinet secretary Adan Mohamed and members of Garissa county assembly.


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