November: Monthly report of Somaliland  

November 2, 2015: Somaliland President Ahmed Mohammad Silanyo appointed a five-member panel to mediate and resolve differences among the ruling party

The current row among ruling party members led to resignation of some key government ministers following dispute over party’s presidential candidate nomination.

Three candidates for presidential nominees from the ruling party Kulmiye has accused that the Central Committee’s planned meeting on the 10th in Hargeisa is nobbled for a single candidate, Muse Bihi, Chairman of the party.

November 05, 2015: Somaliland’s minister for interior affairs, Ali Mohammad Waran-Adde, switched

November 08, 2015: Coalition of Kulimiye’s presidential nominees announced they will not take part in the planned conference on November 10th citing that there will not be a fair competition.

Mohammed Bihi Yunis, Abdulaziz Mohammad Samaale and MP Ahmed Abdi Kijando who are all vying for the presidential nomination were quoted as saying the conference is illegitimate and that two candidates who are supported by the presidency are conducting it.

November 10, 2015: Kulmiye’s current chairman, Musse Bihi is elected as the presidential nominee for the party in today’s election in the party’s Central committee convention.

November 10, 2015: at least 8 people were wounded in Erigavo after protestors clashed with police forces.

The incident is said to have stemmed from an attempt by the police to arrest a suspect, who’s said he was member of the police force, whom protesters were trying to protect him. The police used live rounds which caused the injury of the 8 protesters.

November 16, 2015: Militia’s led by Sultan Wabar has been received in Abuqeys district on the Somaliland-Ethiopia border and subsequently integrated into Somaliland Army.

The welcoming ceremony has been attended the governor of Awdal Mr Ramah, former Somalilan vice president Abdurrahman Aw Ali Farah, traditional leaders and member from the local community.

It was indicated in the speeches addressed to the gathering the rebellion that was led by Sultan Wabar has come to an end peacefully and that the Sultan himself left for another country.

November 26, 2015: Somaliland’s budget forecast for 2016 has been approved in a cabinet meeting chaired by the President. It was noted in a press release issued by the president spokesperson, Hussein Deyr that the proposed budget is 13% higher than the previous one.

November 29, 2015: Somaliland administration has added its voice to calls for a ceasefire in the ongoing battle in Galkyo, clamoring for immediate cessation to hostility and to engage in dialogue to resolve the issue in a peaceful fashion.

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