Opposition parties accused AU special representative for using external forces in Somalia

Forum for National Parties led by former President, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and three other parties namely Wadajir, Hiigsi and Alliance parties are worried about non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops in Somalia which revealed sensitive to the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The parties jointly issued a statement blaming head of AU and Ethiopian government for undermining Somalia’s geopolitics and security following last mouth Bardale plan crash behind of Non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops killing six people in the incident.

“the ENDF was interfering in the internal political affairs of Somalia often intending to divert local elections. In the last few weeks alone, the ENDF has deployed additional troops armed with heavy weaponry to the Gedo region of Jubbland State in violation of both AMISOM rules of engagement and the UN arms embargo on Somalia” said the statement.

The coalition also accused the head of AU representative of using extra external forces killing civilians and destabilized federal member state election including Southwest, Jubaland and Galmudug regional state.

Lastly, the opposition calls on the Somali people to increase their internal cohesion and oppose the illegal interference from external forces, particularly the ENDF, which has a long and diversified history of destabilizing united, peaceful, strong and democratic Somalia.

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