Osoble asserts still president, moves base to Beletweyne as assembly set to elect new leader

Former HirShabelle leader Abdullahi Ali Osoble. Credit: Internet

The embattled former HirShabelle president Abdullahi Ali Osoble who was ousted in a no confidence motion by the state assembly this month  has claimed he is moving his office to Beletweyne where he will discharge duties as president even as the assembly in Jowhar is in the final stages of electing a new leader.

Addressing the media Monday from Beletweyne, the former president reiterated his earlier claims that he had been illegally removed from office laying blame on the Federal government for his political woes.

‘These coming days, I will be stationed here and the work of the regional state will continue as before. I will be working from Beletweyne town. If Al-Shabaab control of a location, one will go to a safe place to continue with work. If the central government turned to be a rogue one and took over Jowhar town by doing whatever it wants, then the onus is upon us to change the location,” Osoble said.

Despite the dismissal by the state assembly which was also endorsed by the federal government, Osoble has steadfastly maintained he is still legally in office. He told reporters Prime Minister Hassan Khaire engineered his fall through his cabinet ministers.

“Prime Minister Khaire schemed what happened. He was behind it. He utilized his cabinet ministers by funding them and we can display the required evidences and will not accept a puppet government in Jowhar. Our obligation is to safeguard the constitution,” the former lawmaker said roping in President Farmaajo for what he claimed was his failure to respect the constitution.

Osoble became the first president of HirShabelle last October following a lengthy and often times disputed state formation process that saw Hiiraan and Shabelle regions combined to form one state.

Meanwhile HirShabelle state assembly speaker Osman Bare Mohamed  has said all is set for the election of a new president following the appointment of a presidential elections committee Tuesday. “Election will take place due date and we are ready to honour the time. We have the responsibility to ensure the process takes place as required.”

Mohamed also dismissed Osoble’s claims noting he had lost the position of presidency but free to contest again. ““As a former president, we have respect for Osoble and he has no authority that we know now of. He can present himself as presidential candidate if he wants but we inform you that it is not possible for him to claim to be working from an area as a president,” added Mohamed.



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