We acted in self-defense in clash with Somali forces-Ugandan army

UPDF forces under Amisom in readiness for operation in Lower Shabelle region November 2017. File Photo: Amisom

Ugandan army has dismissed accusations against its forces serving under Amisom for their involvement in a clash with Somali forces last Friday noting the forces acted in self defense.

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) spokesman Brig Richard Karemire told the local media it was within the remit of Amisom forces as enshrined in rules engagement to act in self-defense.

“As the incident is being investigated, let is be clear that AMISOM rules of engagement provide for self defence and anyone who fires at these forces become a target,” Karemire told Chimreports.

At least one NISA officer was killed and others injured. Civilians were also injured in the exchange.

The army officer directed blamed at Somali forces wondering why they would deny Amisom forces right of way in their designated sector.

“There is absolutely no reason why the AMISOM forces in their designated sector should have been blocked and fired at enroute back to base after providing support and with some victims of the attack being evacuated for urgent medical attention.”

In an incident report Sunday, the intelligence agency NISA said its officers acted in accordance with instructions noting the route which Amisom convoy wanted to use had been closed as is procedure from 5pm local time on a daily basis.

“All the 9 AU armoured vehicles forced their way past the NISA checkpoint wrecking the boom gates, damaging property while killing and wounding NISA soldiers and civilians,” the report read in part.

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Amisom said earlier the forces were transporting victims of the twin terror attacks in the city Friday to a hospital inside the UN compound near the airport area.

“Following their heroic intervention, while transporting injured civilians to the AMISOM Level II Hospital, the AMISOM Quick Reaction Forces were involved in an incident at a NISA checkpoint near KM4,” Amisom said.

“The incident is under investigation by both the Federal government of Somalia and AMISOM.”



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