Outspoken politician Godah Barre joins cabinet in mini reshuffle

FILE: Abdullahi Godah Barre (MP)

Vocal politician Abdullahi Godah Barre has been appointed Education Minister as Prime Minister Hassan Khaire sought to fill vacant positions in his cabinet.

Barre replaces immediate former education minister Abdirahman Mohamed who was fired last month. The new changes in the cabinet saw some ministers moved from their portfolios as new ones also came in. Besides Barre, Abdullahi Bidhaan becomes a new entrant in the Khaire administration who will now head the Fisheries docket.

Abdukadir Baqdadi was also newly appointed to take charge as State Minister in the Presidency.

Sheikh Nuur Mohamed was moved from Religious Affairs to Livestock docket which was hitherto under the leadership of Hussein Sheikh Hussein. Shawaqar Ibrahim Abdalla was appointed deputy minister of Labour.

The PM is yet to fill the Humanitarian Affairs docket which was vacated late last year by Dr. Maryan Qassim.

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