Over 100 people nabbed in Security operation in Mogadishu

Somalia security officers on Sunday nabbed more than 100 suspects in an operation that took place in the capital and its environs.

Somalia’s internal security ministry Abdikamil Mo’alin Shukri said the security forces carried out in collaboration with AMISOM forces raided several houses in Mogadishu to flush out Al-Shabaab suspects.

“We detained several people during major operations. We knew that some of them were planning to wage attacks against the population of Mogadishu,” Shukri said late on Saturday.

Witnesses told Goobjoog News that the Saturday’s operation carried out at suburbs in Mogadishu’s Wartanabada district by the allied troops searched houses suspected to be hiding Al-Shabaab sympathizers.

The spokesman said the operation was well-orchestrated and came after a tip-off from members of the public, noting it was meant to beef up the security in the capital which has been experiencing terror attacks in the recent past.

“There are cooperation between the security forces and the residents and that help us to continue efforts to enhance the security,” he added.

Residents said government and African Union peacekeeping troops with heavily armed arrived at Wartanabada district and combed several houses to help flush out remnants of Al-Shabaab sympathizers.

“They conducted a house-to-house search and arrested several people from our district,” a resident in Wartanabada told Goobjoog News.

Government and AMISOM forces are always conducting security operations to prevent militants from launching attacks, but Al-Qaida affiliated group Al-Shabaab which is battling federal government is still able to wage attacks in the country.

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