Over 1000 Somali refugees arrive in Somalia

A boat carrying at least 1153 Somali refugees has docked Bossaso port on Saturday where Puntland officials and the administration of Bossaso have welcomed these refugees to Bossaso.
Several ambulances have ferried some of the refugees who were sustaining injuries to Bossaso hospitals.
Some of the refugees who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News said that the lives of Somali people in Yemen are in danger and if they are not evacuated soon, they will be caught up in worse situations.
“I am from Sana’a, the capital city of Yemen, we took 24-hour journey by boat to reach the port town of Bossaso, the boat sailed from Mukalah port” said Sahra Osman Sudiye.
She added that her family which consist of eight members has been living Yemen for 25years.
“We are displaced by the civil war escalating in Yemen and bombings carrying out by Saudi led coalition” She said.
Another returnee, Muhudi Jim’aale Noor said that he has lost two his sons in Yemen and decided to return to home.
“I was casual worker, I used to wash cars as to get my bread and I broke up the mother of my children, so I was bread winner of these children” he noted.
Shankaroon Abdullahi, a mother of two, who has been living Yemen for ten years has urged the government and other well-wishers to give her transport to her destination, Mogadishu the capital city of Somalia.
An expatriate who was standing place not far away from where Shankaroon was interviewed, said that there are deteriorating situations in Yemen, there are Somali refugees are living in that situation.
“We thank Almighty God, Allah has saved us from that place and May Allah save those other refugees in Yemen” he prayed God.
“I have been staying in Yemen since 2002 and I was capable of getting my daily bread but now Yemen has became just like Somalia therefore we decided to come back our country”
He finally called upon Somali people help their brotherly refugees in Yemen.
Speaking at the port of Bossaso, Mayor, Hassan Abdalla Hassan has detailed the number of the Somali refugees brought by the boat saying “at about 11am a boat carrying 1153 refugees mostly children sick people and aged people has docked at Bassaso port.

The mayor called upon well-wishers, NGOs and Somali people to help these Somali refugees.
Puntland Assistant minister for interior Abdullahi Qoob-Deero for his part said that a boat carrying refugees comprising of Somali citizens and foreigners has arrived Bossaso town.
Puntland government has earlier announced ministerial level committee to work on and closely monitor the increasing voilance in Yemen and Somali refugees arriving Puntland in large numbers.
On the other hand, Puntland has also called its people to welcome and host Somali people who are fleeing Yemen in fear for their lives.
Due to the escalating conflict in Yemen, Somali refugees who fled Somalia’s civil war early 1990s have been pouring back to Puntland, Especially Bossaso, a port town that lies hours ride from Yemeni’s main towns of San’a and Add’an.

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