Over ten killed in Al-Shabaab’s ambush on AU convoy in central Somalia

Over ten combatants from both sides have been killed after  Al-Shabaab ambushed a convoy of Ethiopian troops serving under AMISOM in Central Somalia on Monday evening, residents and military sources said.

The surprise assault began with a blast caused by an improvised explosives device (IED) struck the Ethiopian convoy, sparking subsequently a gunfire.

The attacked that took place at Dab-Ugas area close to Elbur has prompted fighting that lasted for several hours and led displacement of locals in the village, according to residents in Dab-Ugas village.

“Ethiopian convoy heading to ElBur town came under attack by Al-Shabaab fighters which led both sides to engage in fierce gun battle that lasted for several hours, the fighting led death of over ten combatants,” said SNA sources based in Elbur town.

A Local resident Mursal Muse, said dozens of armed Al Shabaab members attacked a convoy carrying Ethiopian troops on Monday in Dab-Ugas village.

Muse noted Ethiopian soldiers made sojourn at the village after the ambush.

“After the Ethiopians stopped at the village, people start fleeing in fear of reprisal by the troops,” said Muse.

Ethiopian commanders did not comment on the ambush and the casualties of the clash.

Elbur town and its nearby areas are largely controlled by Somali and AMISOM forces, despite sporadic Al Shabaab ambushes on the coalition forces.

Al-Shabaab fighters remain unpredictable and bold, known for audacious and chilling attacks. The fighters routinely target the Somali government in Mogadishu.


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