Parliament to debate sacking of Chief Justice Aidiid Elkahanaf

Parliament will today debate the sacking of the immediate former Chief Justice Aidiid Elkahanaf Wednesday in what is expected to generate a lot of reactions given the timing of the sacking few months to the 2016 polls.

The debate will see one of parliament’s most crucial proceedings-the 2016 electoral option being relegated to the back-burner as questions are likely to arise over the manner and intent of Elkahanaf’s firing.

Elkahanaf who was appointed in 2011 by the Sheikh Shariff administration was shown the door Wednesday in what the president said was out of age and myriad complaints from the public about the working of the judiciary.

But insiders say reasons for Elkahanaf’s sacking run deep into differences between Villa Somalia and the Judiciary’s top man.

The debate in parliament will most likely be drawn based on each member’s affiliation both to the president of the Elkahanaf, sources intimate to the developments say.

The new CJ, Ibrahim Iidle Suleyman and Elkahanaf hail from Togdher region in Somaliland.

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