Peace, political stability and economic growth are benchmarks for democracy in Somalia says president Farmaajo

Somali president Mohamed Abduulahi Farmaajo speaking during the event of inaugurating Garowe Airporit, Puntland state on 8th Jan.2018. Photo credit: Online

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has emphasized on the need to maintain peace, public patience, less political disputes economic growth and fighting with Alshabab are among the multiple ingredients that will sustain strong democracy in Somalia.

Speaking in an event held after the inauguration of the Garowe Airport named after the first Somali police general Mohamed Abshir, president Farmaajo who is in his second day of his first official tour in the state noted that good governance and democracy can be nurtured when the government will be answerable to the people and gains support from the public.

“My government belongs to the people. In a democratic country, a government is responsible of the people. Also the public has to extend constant support which is a precursor to a strong government.”

On empowering democracy, he mentioned the most crucial elements that spur its implementation. “To strengthen democracy, progress, peace, economic growth and fighting with Alshabab is a benchmark for democracy in the country. In future, we hope to get every Somali to vote for any party or candidate of his choice based on honour, achievements and nationalism.”

On peace matters, president Farmaajo expressed peace to be the cornerstone of progress and stability for a nation indicating to be a widespread onus. “Peace heralds political stability and the key to progress. If there is no peace in Puntland, no airports or roads could have been built in the region. Peace is a general menace and a collective responsibility”.

He cited Alshabab to be heading towards the impenetrable Galgala Mountians for hideouts. “Anytime Alshabab feels threatened, they escape to areas they think will offer them a safe haven like Galgala Mounains in Puntland. We need to have a united front against Alshabab fighters.”

He called for the public to be patient on the slow progress of the government highlighting the treacherous route to achievements. “I am advising the public to exercise patient. A government cannot be attained in one month or year. It is a progressive documentary that needs to be conducted every day.”

On the economy, he enlightened the public how money paid by them can accelerate progress and advised leaders to create confidence in the public by managing the funds amicably. “The foreign aid we get is not a miracle. It is paid by people like you. I call upon the public to be part of the economic growth in the federal and state levels by paying taxes. People will pay it if they find transparent and accountable leadership.”

On federalism and nationhood, work collaboration, support, respect and good neighbourly are the only way to exercise sovereignty.

“Federal and state administrations have to work together in compatible ways. If there is dispute in the federal level, it will deter progress. The most important method to restore the lost glory of the Somali nation is through having good relationship with the international community and living peacefully with our neighbours. Relationship with the outside world must be based on mutual interest and not a unilateral one. We can achieve this by collaboration in work, support and homage. This is the only way we can gain our lost glory.”

On Sunday President Farmajo visited Puntland state where he is expected to remain for few mor days.

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