Plane carrying supplies lands in hunger-hit Hudur town

GOOBJOOG NEWS|BAKOOL:   A plane carrying humanitarian supplies landed in Hudur this morning amid an ongoing crisis that has plunged residents into starvation as the militant group Al-Shabaab maintains a decade-old blockade.

The arrival of the supplies follows calls by the South West state government for urgent help in light of severe food shortage. Reports from the town indicate the prices of food have risen sharply forcing thousands to go without food.

South West state president Abdiasis Lafta-Gareen visited the town Sunday and sent out appeals to the UN and Federal Government.

Hudur, which is the administrative capital of Bakool region was first liberated by Somali and Ethiopian forces in early 2012 before it fell to Al-Shabaab control a year later following the troop’s withdrawal. It was subsequently liberated by Ethiopian forces in March 2014.

However, Al-Shabaab has blocked roads linking the town to other parts of the country cutting off movement and humanitarian supplies.

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