PM Dr Abiy to visit Germany this Month

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed will travel to Germany for an official visit at the end of this month.

He will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other government officials in Berlin on October 30.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited him to visit Germany when she phoned him in August to express her support for the ongoing change in the country.

The prime minister has planned his visit in a way to meet with Ethiopians in Europe. There will be events in Paris, France, and in Frankfurt, Germany.

On October 31, Ethiopians will have the occasion to meet with PM Dr Abiy in Frankfurt, according to the Ethiopian Embassy in Germany.

Representatives from more than 80 associations have discussed to coordinate a reception for the prime minister, and a committee is already assigned for it.

According to Mihreteab Mulugeta, Consular General in Frankfurt, up to 25,000 Ethiopians who support the ongoing reform in the country are expected to attend the meeting with PM Dr Abiy at Commerzbank-Arena stadium in Frankfurt.

SOURCES: Fana Broadcasting Corporate-FBC


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