PM Khaire calls for international support for Somali refugees

PM Hassan Kahire addressing the Doha conference in Qatar May 14, 2017. The PM called for international support to help Somalia deal with return of refugees. Photo: Sonna

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire has called for increased international support for Somalia to handle challenges relating to the return of refugees from different parts of the world.

Addressing a gathering during the Doha Conference in Qatar Sunday, the Prime Minister said his government was committed to receiving the returnees but asked for help to support the government in resettling the returnees most of whom were displaced by war and drought.

“Most Somali refugees have been in difficult circumstances and therefore it will be momentous for the international community to give a closer eye to these suffering people,” the PM said.

“Our new government is committed to welcome the refugees willing to return home and to offer care to those internally displaced whom had been affected by the drought. To achieve that, we need the support of the international community, the Prime said.

More than 2 million Somalis live in various countries following the quarter century civil war while another 1.1 million are internally displaced with the capital Mogadishu hosting at least 350,000 mostly displaced by the 2011 famine and subsequent clan clashes.

The PM also addressed security challenges facing the country and the government’s efforts in providing sustainable solutions.

What is Doha Forum?

Doha Forum focuses political and socioeconomic issues of the region and of the overall world. In this venue, it is invited to politicians, experts, scientists, businessmen and civil Societies.

This year’s session as the 17th of Doha Forum will be convened to address development and stability of world refugees’ issues.


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