PM Khaire rebukes soldiers over clash, demands commanders take full charge

File Photo: VOA

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire has admonished security forces in Mogadishu following a deadly clash which resulted in at least two deaths Wednesday demanding that commanders must take charge of their respective units and ensure such incidents do not recur.

Addressing the media shortly after the exchange reportedly between intelligence agency (NISA) and UAE trained forces in Tarabunka area, Khaire called on the security forces to build a working relationship and strengthen their cooperation.

“The weapons and equipment you have are from the taxpayer’s efforts and its meant to defend the nation and against the enemy,” said Khaire. “I am ordering commanders to take charge of their forces and avoid such clashes.”

The gunfire incident which lasted for almost half an hour follows several other cases where security forces have clashed in the city leading to deaths.

Four NISA officers were killed last July following a fire exchange with the presidential elite squad near the presidential palace in Mogadishu. In September at least six people were killed when forces from Mogadishu Stabilisation unit clashed with the military in Hanta-Dheer area in Mogadishu.

The circumstances surrounding the fight between the two forces today could not be easily established.


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