PM Omar: We will make sure we achieve set goals

Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke addressing the second Ministerial High Level Partnership Conference in Mogadishu yesterday said that his government would do everything it can to achieve the set goals for the remainder of its mandate.

The Prime Minister said despite the short time frame time, the government will effortless put its act together to ensure the process towards Vision 2016 is completed. These include constitutional review, implementing state formation, and making independent commissions fully operational.

“My cabinet will make sure that we implement the remaining major tasks in the coming months; these includes areas on federalization and liberation of territories from Alshabab-hold. Some states have already been formed with the guidance of my government and we have recovered areas from Alshabab. The ongoing achievements in the security and the stability of the country will later on bring sustainable development to the people of Somalia,” the PM said.

He thanked Somalia’s international partners for their generous support and their resolve to stand together with Somalia in all situations.

“It’s a matter of fact that a huge task is ahead of us and time is not on our side but I am confident that because of the support we received from the public and the international community, it will not be much difficult for us to achieve the goals,” he said.

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