Political parties call for the arrest of 5 senior NISA security officers among other demands

The Logos of the 3 political parties and one forum organization. Photo credit: Online.




Three political parties and a civil society requests the arrest of 5 senior national intelligence and security agency (NISA) officers whom they accused of perpetuating the fatal forceful night attack on the house of former presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdishakur in Mogadishu in December among several other demands.

Political parties of Daljir, Wadajir, Kulan and the Progress Forum today jointly released a Press Release after they conducted a consultative meeting calling for the arrest of 5 NISA officers seeking justice for the security guards killed during the fateful night attack.

The particulars of the 5 NISA suspects written in the press release are Abdikadir Mohamed Noor ‘Jama’ acting head of NISA, Sadik Omar Hussein ‘John’ head of NISA in Banadir region, Abdihakim Noor Ahmed Isse, a NISA officer, Yassin Ganey and Farhan Mohamud Qarole, both NISA section commanders.

The document also called upon “the concerned governmental departments to assist them in arraigning in a court of law all those who were involved in the attack that claimed 5 security guards.”

The statement also raised “the unprecedented move by the government of burying the victims in a mass grave with no final homage given to the dead bodies according to Islamic burial ritual.”

They also requested the 5 NISA officers to be sacked from their positions.

In the same breath they also called for “stripping immunity from the attorney general Ahmed Ali Dahir as well as the Villa Somalia director Fahad Yassin Haji Dahir”  whom the latter is accused “as the mastermind of the attack on the house of Abdishakur to assassinate him” according to the statement.

The political parties expressed their apprehension that can emerge from “obstructing justice from the people whose loved ones were killed which will undermine the confidence the public will have on the judiciary and the supremacy of the Law allowing the executive to misuse their power without adhering to the Constitution.”

They also appealed to the 2 federal houses “to initiate an independent investigation on the fateful December incident carried on Wadajir party headquarters and accelerate creating the Judiciary Commission to enhance judicial activities among them amending secret security service laws which NISA is currently operating under portraying reminiscent of the former military regime” read the statement.

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