Political row threat to peace in Somalia-UN envoy

Nicholas Haysom in his first assignment urged political leaders to come together and find a lasting solution

By T. Roble

The ongoing political disputes between the federal government and the members states is a threat to the country’s stability and progress, the UN envoy to Somalia Nicholas Haysom has warned calling on both sides to shed their differences and find a lasting solution.

Speaking during its maiden visit to the states in Kismayu Monday, Haysom said the international community was concerned about the political crisis which has seen federal state leaders propose radical measures including formation of own military as relations with Mogadishu falter.

“An opportunity, on my part, as the representative of the international community, to express our concerns and anxiety that there’s no prospect of a solution for Somalia if all the moving parts don’t work together, if they all go their own way, it will be very difficult to bring the peace and prosperity that Somalia needs,” said Haysom.

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Haysom said the solution to the disputes must come from Somalis but should accommodate all stakeholders.

The UN envoy spoke after meeting Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe in a move to mediate the ongoing political row between the state leaders and the federal government.

Haysom and his AU counterpart Francisco Madeira Sunday met with the Senate leadership for a briefing regarding the political row before starting their mission which will see them engage with all the federal state leaders.

The intervention of the AU and UN envoys follows months of protracted political battles between the states and Mogadishu which has among others paralyzed the functioning of the National Security Council. President Mohamed Farmaajo who chairs the Council convened a meeting mid-September but the state leaders declined attendance following their declaration of non-cooperation with the federal government earlier in the month.

This will be Haysom’s major assignment since assuming office as new envoy to Somalia at the beginning of this month. His experience in South Sudan could come in handy having dealt with close to similar scenarios especially when mediating between President Salva Kiir and then Vice President turned political foe and later vice president Dr. Riek Machar.

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