President Farmaajo visits Sabiib, hails army for ‘victory’

President Mohamed Farmaajo has hailed the military for successfully wresting control of Sabiib and Anole locations in Lower Shabelle after years of Al-Shabaab grip.

Speaking during a visit to the two areas Friday, the President said the soldiers had once again proven their bravery and called on them to secure the areas against any future Al-Shabaab attacks.

“I salute you for because the enemies of the Somali people have not been able to defeat you,” the President told the soldiers. “There is need to protect these two areas-Sabiib and Anole since the people of this area have been looking forward to this victory for long.”

The President also pledged government support to the locations through provision of basic public services to the residents.

Sabiib was recaptured last month in a joint offensive by Somalia and AU forces. Al-Shabaab militants fled the area before the allied forces arrived. However they detonated a car bomb destroying houses and other properties.

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