President Farmajo to arrive in Hargeisa on next Sunday

Somaliland cabinet ministers has today approved the request of Somaliland President, Muse Bihi Abdi over president Farmajo’s travel to Hargeisa. Muse Bihi is set to ratify the same petition in the Somaliland parliament next Tuesday.

Source indicates that president Farmajo accompanied by the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abi Ahmed will arrive in Hargeisa on next Sunday. This comes a week after Farmajo and Moses Bihi met at the capital of Adis-Abbab last week and later President Farmajo apologized to Somaliland victims over former Somali president, Mohamed Siyad Bare regime.

Somaliland residents claimed former Somali president, Mohamed Siyad Bare’s regime discriminations and killing civilians without any guilty during bare’s governors.

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