President Farmajo ‘hopes Somali unity’ marks the 59th Independence Anniversary

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo congratulated the Somali people on the 59th Anniversary of the Independence of the Southern Regions and the unity of North and southern regions of the country, which became the foundation of the Republic of Somalia.

The President who has addressed the people who attended the anniversary event held at the House of Local Government Administration has sent a congratulatory message to all the Somali people and urged them to engage in unity and brotherhood and to take part in the government’s efforts to build one strong Somali nation that has a high status in the world.

President Farmajo said, “We are celebrating the 59th anniversary of southern regions of Somalia gained their independence from the Italy colonist and also marks the day when the North and South of Somalia have cemented their unity as one nation of one flag.”

The president said that on 1st July, is a great day we will not forget the liberation of the Somali legends who all united with the idea of ​​rejecting the colonist, pervasive and brutality and not allowing anyone else to transcend them.

President Farmajo has added that the sense of unity and solidarity is common among the Somali people, despite difficult circumstances that we are going through.

In the conclusion of his speech president, Farmajo said, “I have a good hope that Somali will be united soon and we will open our hands to our brothers in Somaliland whose fathers have gained unity.”

The event was attended by the Speaker the speaker of the Somali parliament Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdurahman, the chairman of Supreme court Baashe Yusuf Ahmed, the Governor of Banadir region and the Mayor of Mogadishu Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), Information Minister and Chairman of the Executive Board Mohamed Abdi Hayir Mareye, members of the Council of Ministers, the Commander of the Armed Forces, the Diplomats and various sections of the community.

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