President Farmajo receives credentials from new Russia ambassador

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has yesterday received credentials from the newly appointed Russia ambassador to Somalia, Mr  Mikhail Golovanov.

Ambassador Mikhail Golovanov has congratulated the Federal Government of Somalia on the progress on security and the economic reforms in which the President discussed the way the Russian Government would assist in the training of civil servants and security agencies.

President Farmajo and the Russian ambassador have discussed the relationship between the two countries and enhancing co-operation between the two countries.

President Farmajo and Ambassador Mikhail Golovanov also discussed the Government of the Republic of Somalia to strengthen the support of the Government of Somalia in the field of police training and the fight against armed groups.

President Farmajo promised the new Russian ambassador to the Somali government and the people of Somalia will closely with him and wished success in his diplomatic mission.

President Farmajo congratulated the newly appointed ambassador as he has also delivered an official invitation from Russian President Vladimir Putin to take part in the African Union summit in Sochi in the Russian capital this year.

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