President Farmajo resolved the political disputes in Galmudug state

President of the Federal Republic of Somalia HE Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo praised the joint agreement reached during the resolution of the disputes among political of Galmudug state.

The President said: “After consulting with the parties involved in the reconciliation process in Galmudug, we have made a positive outcome for the public in the last night, which is a compromise and a satisfaction.”

“I thank all Galmudug officials for the courageous welcome they received from our advance plan which is the foundation for the implementation of the 14-point agreement signed with Villa Somalia on 6 December 2017.”

The President pointed to the significance of the Galmudug leadership’s priorities for the common good and prove greater responsibility to accelerate the reconciliation process in Galmudug and provide residents with basic services.

Galmudug officials who were in the dialogue welcomed the pullout of the Somali Federal Government to end the political conflicts in the last few months, and the task has been completed in Dhusamareb.

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