President Farmajo: The Elimination of Alshabab is attached to the solidarity of the Security Agents and Citizens

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo spoke harshly on the attack carried out last night by Al-shabab fighters on Pizza House in Hodan District in Mogadishu.

The President addressed the Media and his quotes include the followings:
“I send my condolence on the people who died last night of the inhuman attack by Alshabab fighters on a place where civilians converge.

These civilians were martyrs killed in the holy month of Ramadan especially when they were elated due to breaking their fast at that time”
“It is an issue to be saddened of specifically in the last ten days [of Ramadan] to kill Somali innocent people and then to brag about it under the pretext of religion”
“This enemy is one that is refusing us to be happy, to get peace, to be in par with the communities of the world, Somali societies to be fast and break in peace”
“The place they attacked last night is where mostly congregated by youths from high schools and universities aged 15-25 years. Let us ask ourselves: why kill these youths? Are they security forces? Are they government members? The reply is no. They are killed of being happy, why you feel the anticipation of governance? Why you never entertain militant views”
“There are security forces standing along the streets day and night ensuring security of the civilians. Similar planned attacks have been thwarted. This was achieved on teamwork between the citizens and the security organs. Teamwork has to be strengthened further.

The elimination of Alshabab is attached to the solidarity of the Security Agents and the Citizens” the President concluded.

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