President Hassan attends the funeral of the former minister

The president of federal government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mahamud, prime minister Omar Abdirashid, the speaker of the parliament Mohamed sheikh Osman and other officials from the government departments attended the funeral service of the outgoing minister for fisheries and marine resource, Mohamud Colow Borrow who passed way this morning in Mogadishu.
Similarly many people from all walks of the society attended the funeral which took place at one of the graveyards in Mogadishu..
The president sent his deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the former minister and praised the work of the late minister as a committed patriot will never be forgotten.
Correspondingly other Somalia top leaders, speaker of the parliament Mohamed sheikh Osman and prime minister Omar Abdirashid speaking at the funeral service sent heartfelt condolences to families and relatives of the deceased.

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