President Hassan meets Somali clerics

A meeting by top officials of federal government of Somalia was held in presidential of Somalia, Villa Somalia on Sunday.
The conference which was attended by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed, Prime minister Omar Abdirashid Ali, the minister for religious affairs and well-known Somali clerics such as Sheikh Bashir Ahmed and Sheikh Noor Baruud Gurhan, discussed wide range issue including breaching against radicalisation and extremism and how the government and the clerics could work hand in hand.
The Spokesman of the Somali President, Daud Aweys who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News has detailed the points discussed in the gathering.
The spokesman noted that the main agenda of meeting was how to discourage the terrorism acts and suicide attacks.
“The clerics noted that they voluntarily used preach the public the risk of misinterpreting the religion and using it for personal interest” he said.
He added the sides agreed to work together closely.

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