President Hassan: “Former Ministers Will Be Accodomadated In Tha Up Coming Cabinet”

The president of federal government of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud addressing the media applauded the government security forces and the public for the role they played during Erdogan’s visit while he apologized for any inconvenience caused by the operations launched by the security forces.
The president talked about the political situations of the country and the forthcoming cabinet of prime minster Omar Abdirashid . H.E Hassan emphasized that the prime minister would form competent government based on 4.5 clan quota,  adding that it would be satisfactory to all different parties of Somali people. ” .
“I informed the public through the media that the forthcoming government will be inclusive one which will be included all parties” he said
Finally the president underlined that some of the former ministers would be included the list of imminent cabinet. This comes after two Somalis parliamentary caucuses warned the prime minister against re-appoint former minsters.

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