President meets with Galmudug Parliament Speaker

Madaxweynaha iyo baarlamaanka GalmudugSomalia president Hassan Sheik Mohamoud has for the first time met with the speaker of Galmudug parliament Ali Ga’al Asar since his election last month.

The meeting attended by the federal parliament speaker Prof. Mohamed Osman Jawari was comvened to discuss ways to enhance the effectiveness of the regional assembly and build good working relationship with the federal government.

Speaking after the dinner meeting, President Hassan has urged the new leadership to make sure the smooth running of the newly established administration in the central regions.

“I would like to remind you to lay the foundation stone of justice, restore law and order in those regions” said the president.

On his part Ali Ga’al told the federal leaders that he came to Mogadishu to seek assistance from the federal parliament to write their by-laws and parliamentary rules.

Parliamentary System

As Somalia is moving fast on the parliamentary system, even to the regional level, there is great need of capacity building for this important institution.

Federal speaker Prof. Jawari vowed to do everything to help Galmudug assembly so that to work effectively.

Ali Ga’al, himself former federal parliamentarian is trying to establish a well functioning and effective regional assembly that has all the mechanism to carry out the designated tasks.

Before engaging with the executive on issues of accountability, the assembly has to establish parliamentary rules and laws governing house business. It also has to form portfolio committees and ad hoc committees; a process which will take some time.

The State is also yet to work on the remuneration system for the 89 members of parliament and the overall budget for the house.

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