President Farmaajo closes Galmudug reconciliation conference

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo at the closing of the Galmudug Reconciliation Conference has announced that the transition to the establishment of a united administration is underway, reflecting the aspirations of the communities in Galmudug.

The President commended the united efforts at the State levels that led to the organizing and convening of this Summit, praising the community, intelligence and integrity of the Galmudug maritime environment and standing together to achieve this historic opportunity.

“Reconciliation has not been working for the last few months and we have seen the fruits of it all. The reconciliation process will lead us to the second phase of selection and the establishment of a strong Galmudug administration. ”

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has pledged to the people of Galmudug that the Federal Government of Somalia stands with them and will continue to realize their aspirations and achievements.

The President called on cultural elders, youth, religious, business, women and politicians in Galmudug to unite and join hands to achieve a united, progressive, prosperous and peaceful Galmudug community.

Finally, the President of the Federal government presented Galmudug State President Ahmed Ducaalle Geelle, Mohamed Shakir Ali and Chairman of the Galmudug Reconciliation Conference Committee Abdirahman Abdullahi Badiyow, who has all played a vital role in the establishment and success of this conference.

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