Prime minister Omar announces 66 cabinet members

The prime minister of Somali federal government has unveiled the third line up of his new cabinet members.
Premier Omar has reshuffled his the list of 20 ministers which he announced on the 17th January and came up with 9 more new ministers which made the number to be 26 ministers.
The list of newly appointed cabinet member read by the secretary of prime minister’s office Mohamed Ali Noor was consisting of 26 ministers of which nine are new faces, 14 state ministers and 26 deputy ministers.

1 Mohammed Omar Carte as deputy Prime minister
2 Abdulkadir Sheikh Ali Baghdadi, (new)Minister for Religious Affairs
3 Cabdirixhman Mohamed Hussein Minister for Interior
4 Mohamed Adan Ibrahim ” Fargeti ” Minister for Finance
5 Abdulkadir Sheikh Ali Dini Minister for Defence
6 Abdusalam Hadliye Omar Minister for Foreign Affairs
7 Khadra Bashiir Ali Minister for Education
8 Nur Farah Hirsi, Minister for Port & Maritime Transport
9 Cabdirixman Yusuf Ali Aynte Minister for Planning and International Cooperation
10 Hussein Mohamud Sheikh Hussein, (new) Minister for Constitution affairs
11 Guled Hussein Qasim minister for Posts and Telecommunications
12 Ali Ahmed Jama ” Jangali ” Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation
13 Said Hussein Eid Minister for Livestock, Forestry & Environment
14 Ahmed Hassan Gaboobe Minister for Agriculture
15 Abdirahman Abdi Osman (new) Minister for Commerce & Industry
16 Saleh Sheikh Osman Muse, Minister for Public Works & Reconstruction
17 Sahra Mohamed Ali Samatar, Minister for Women affairs
18 Mohamed Omar Eymooy (new) Minister for Fisheries
19 Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim Minister for Petroleum & Mineral resources
20 Hawo Hassan Mohamed, Minister for Health
21 Abdirisak Omar Mohamed, Minister for Internal Security
22 Mohamed Hassan Aden Shaahiyow, (new) Minister for Electricity and Water
23 Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan Noah (new) Minister for Youth and Sports
24 Mohamed Hayir Maareeye, (new) Minister for Information
25 Abdullahi Ahmed Jama aka Ilkajir (new) Minister for Justice
26 Abdiweli Ibrahim Ali Sheikh Muudey, (new) minister for Labour

State ministers

1 Khalid Ali Omar State Minister for Foreign Affairs
2 Abdullahi Mohamed Nur , State Minister for Finance
3 Mohammed Ali Hagga State Minister for Defence
4 Bur’i Mohamed Xamsa State Minister of premier’s office for Environment
5 Mahad Mohamed Salad State Minister for presidential affairs
6 Hassan Mohamed Jim’aale , State Minister for Constitutional affairs
7 David Abdirahman Omar, State Minister for Internal Security
8 Abdullahi Bile Noor, State Minister for Education
9 Abdirashid Mohamed Hiddig, State Minister for Interior
10 Aadil Sheeqow Sagaar, State Minister of PM’s office for Parliamentary relations
11 Mohamed Hassan Adam, State Minister for commerce and Industry
12 Shariif Mohamed Hassan, State Minister of PM’s office For Finance Reform affairs
13 Mohamed Abdi Hassan alias Pekos, State Minister for Information
14 Mohamed Hussein Ishaq aka Fanah State Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation

Assistant ministers
1 Osman Libah Ibrahim, assistant minister for Labour
2 Ma’alim Ali Aden, assistant mister for Religious Affairs
3 Haji Ali Sheikh Mohamed Nur, assistant Minister for the Interior
4 Mahmoud Hayyir Ibrahim, assistant Ministry for Finance
5 Abdirahman Kulmiye hirsi, assistant minister for defense
6 Abdalla Hussein, assistant minister for defense
7 Ahmed Ali Omar Kadiye, assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs
8 Hamud Ali Hassan assistant Minister for Education
9 Ahmed Osman Ibrahim aka Daqarre, assistant Minister for Ports & Maritime Transport
10 Abdullahi Sheikh Ali (Qalo’ow) assistant Ministry for Planning and International Cooperation
11 Abdullahi Yusuf Hassan ( Alankey ), assistant Minister for Constitution affairs
12 Jaamaal Hassan Ismail, assistant Minister for Post and Telecommunications
13 Hirsi Aden Roobe, assistant Minister for Transport & Civil Aviation
14 Cabdinaasir Mohamed Gaarane, assistant Minister for Livestock , Forestry & Environment
15 Abdiaziz Saalah Armaan, assistant Minister for Agriculture
16 Mohamed Kheyrow Mohamed assistant Minister for commerce and Industry
17 Mohamed Omar Gedi, assistant Minister for Public Works
18 Mumina Sheikh Omar, assistant Ministry for Women
19 Said Jama’a Mohamed Qaalib, assistant Minister for Fisheries & marine Resources
20 Mohamed Ahmed Kulan, assistant Minister for Petroleum & Minerals resources
21 Osman Mohamed Abdi ( Daallo), assistant Minister for Health
22 Cabdinaasir Mohamed Ali, assistant Minister for Internal Security
23 Abdihakiim Ige Guled, assistant Minister for Water and Electricity
24 Osman Aden Dhuubow assistant Minister for Youth and Sports
25 Abdullah Olaad Roobe assistant Minister for Information
26 Fahma Ahmed Noor, assistant Minister for Justice Department

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