Puntland accuses Somaliland of supporting Alshabab

Puntland is accusing Somaliland of aiding Alshabab fighters in Galgala Mountains according to the Minister of Security of Puntland Abdi Hirsi Ali Qarjab.

Minister Qarjab said this information while speaking to Goobjoog News in Garowe town, the regional capital of Puntland State.

He cited Alshabab fighters to have training camps in locations under the authority of Somaliland where the injured ones are ferried towards those camps.

Puntland is doing all its efforts to tighten security issues with its regional border with Somaliland to frustrate terrorist attacks according to Minister Qarjab.

When Googjoog News inquired about the military operations conducted by Dervish forces in Galgala Mountains following the fatal attack of Af Urur military camp, the Minister Qarjab was reluctant to give information to the media.

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