Puntland Disaster Management Committee warns severe drought in Puntland

Severe droughts are stifling northern Somalia and forecasts of little rain this year will make things worse, particularly in northern Somalia where people are dependent on livestock for food, Puntland disaster management committee has recently said.

The group has appealed for aid to provide life-saving assistance to thousands of people affected by the severe drought in the autonomous regions of Somaliland and Puntland.

The Manager of Puntland disaster management committee, Abdullahi Hashi said With no rain or little rain expected may increase number of the people in need.

“Without access to emergency health services, water and sanitation, thousands of people could face death due to preventable causes,” he said in a statement. “The time to support is now, to come back from the tipping point, avoid a greater crisis and avert loss of lives.”

The water shortage also reduces grasses for livestock and makes the animals more susceptible to disease. The loss of livestock means the loss of a means of income to support their families.

Following 2011 famine that killed an estimated 260,000 people, the Horn of Africa nation has seen steady improvement of its food security situation.

Somalia has suffered on-and-off civil war for the last two decades waning its population’s ability to cope with natural disasters.

With over 65 percent of the Somali population depending on livestock, the sector is likely to be very badly hit.

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