Puntland ex-President criticizes Somalia’s electoral malpractices









Former President of semi autonomous regional state of Puntland Abdirahman Mohamed Farole has criticized Somalia’s electoral process which has been engulfed by corruption, irregularities and intimidation.

Farole who recently elected as senator has supported the recent statement released by international community urging National Leadership Forum to ensure credibility, transparency and fairness for the remaining electoral process.

“I am backing the international community’s statement though it came late after the scheduled to the election of parliament by 10 September failed, when leaders whose mandate ended ruled the country unconstitutionally and used the public funds for campaign,” said Farole.

He accused Somali leaders for the continuous delays in the election, and failing to agree on the remaining process during the ongoing conference in the Somali capital of Mogadishu,

“It has been ten days since the Somali leaders convened the National Leadership Forum in Mogadishu; you all know the country is facing tensions and severe droughts. 10 days with no outcomes from the meetings in Mogadishu,” he highlighted.

Farole announced that he was running for the upcoming Somalia’s presidency in 2016, joining a crowd of candidates vying for the country’s top position.

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