Puntland forces conduct Security operation in Bossoso

Puntland security forces have carried out an overnight security operations in Bossaso following the assignation of the military prosecutor in Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region.

Nght time curfew has been imposed in Bossaso town as security forces were pursing the perpatrators.

The security forces were reportedly conducted search operations in several neighborhoods and houses in the commercial city of Puntland.

According to officials several suspects have been arrested in relation to the killing of Abdikarim Hassan Firdiye

Firdiye was walking out of one of the local FM stations where he was giving an interview over court cases when he was killed by pistol wielding men.

Al-Shabaab group has claimed responsibility for the killing.

In the last two weeks, Bossaso has seen an increase of targeted assassinations which claimed lives of top officials.

Puntland recaptured the ancient town of Qandala, from the pro-daesh Somali militant group in November

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