Puntland forces launch operations in Galkaayo after magistrate survives assassination attempt

Puntland forces on Tuesday launched security operations in Galkaayo town  following the assassination attempt on Mudug regional court magistrate.

Residents say that forces have conducted search operations in several neighborhoods and houses in the town.

Mohamed Abdi, a resident in Galkayo town said the forces combed many parts of the town though no arrest was made during the operation.

“The forces have carried out house to house security operations that lasted hours,” said Abdi.

The operation comes just hours after Abdirahman Kilwe, the chief of Mudug regional court was wounded in the town.

In the recent months, Suspected Al-Shabaab members have been carrying out coordinated attacks and assassinations attempts on Puntland officials in Galkaayo town and other towns.

Early this month, Al-Shabaab stormed a hotel in Puntland’s commercial town of Bosasso where they killed four guards.

Somalia’s Puntland State is fighting Al-Shabaab and pro-IS militants in Bari region north of Somalia.

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