Puntland impose ban on lobster fishing

Lobster fishing

Puntland ministry of fisheries has imposed a ban on lobster fishing in Puntland waters till Match 2015.

Puntland state minister for fisheries and natural resources Abdirahman Kulmiye briefing the media in Garowe , the administrative capital of Puntland said the fishing of lobster was outlawed due to the decreasing numbers of the fish and the natural resources in Puntland waters.

On the other hand one of the traditional elders in Bander Beila Mursal Hoosh Noor described the ministry’s decision as a challenge to Puntland fishermen adding that many people mostly fishermen against the ban took into the streets.

The elder said the ban came a time when many lobsters are waiting to be taken to the markets for sale and if stopped will be a big blow to the fishermen.

Puntland president Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas while visiting Bosaso stated that illegal fishing in Puntland waters is a disaster that harms the fishing industry.

Foreign fishing vessels use nets that frequently destroy marine habitats, including those of lobster that live near the ocean floor.

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