Puntland President Receives Top Int’l Community Ambassadors In Garowe

Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas along with deputy President and members of the cabinet and Parliament  yesterday received a large delegation consisting of high ranking International community diplomats led by Special Representative of the Secretary General of United Nations,  Michael Keating at the state house in Garowe.

Ambassador from Italy, UK, USA, Ethiopia, IGAD and European Unions among the high level delegation.Shortly after their arrival, the delegation were escorted to Puntland Presidential Palace in Garowe where they held a meeting with President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, Deputy President Abdihakin Abdullah Haji Omar Amey and a number of senior government officials.

Speaking at a press briefing immediately after the meeting, His Excellency Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas said that the aim of the visit of this delegation is to hear the opinion and the stand of the people of Puntland towards the process of the upcoming elections in Somalia later this year.

“They have come to see the feeling of the people of Puntland whether they are politicians, traditional elders, civil society concerning Somalia peace process and the elections,” said the President.

Similarly, The President has commended the visit of such large number of International diplomats.“I’m happy to receive such a large number of ambassadors here, seeking to know our feeling and listen to our people’s opinions,” The President said.

The President has finally unveiled his enthusiasm on helpful results from a three-day long conference that will open in Garowe.The conference between Puntland and the International community will mainly focus on the stand of the people of Puntland on the upcoming elections in the country.

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