Puntland president: We hope fruitful outcomes will come out of the talks in Garowe

The President of Somalia’s Puntland State Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas has confirmed that the ongoing efforts to mediate between the Federal Government of Somalia and Puntland will resolve the difference between the sides.

President Gaas stated that his administration will welcome the federal government efforts aimed to end the differences adding that it’s the start of unity between the federal government and the regional state.

He said that he is optimistic that the ongoing discussions will bring fruitful outcome based on the interest of Somali people.

“We hope fruitful outcomes will come out of the talks in Garowe” president said.

President Gaas stressed that it’s not possible for every side in the talks to succeed on its agendas but he added that the dialogue should be based on the interest of the people.

President Gaas gave no details on the dalogue between his administration and the Federal Government of Somalia.

The talks between the federal government of Somalia and the regional state of Puntland has entered its second day in Garowe.



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