Puntland senior police officer killed in a car bomb explosion

A car explosion in Mogadishu. File photo: Goobjoog News

Commander of Galkayo market police station in Galkayo town, Mudug region, Puntland was today killed in a car bomb explosion that was attached to his car.

Speaking to the media, Mudug Police Commander Mohamed Noor Qaal said the officer was driving his car alone and was on his way to work when his car exploded.

“A police commander who left his home driving a car was caught in an explosion in an area adjacent to hotel Galaxy. I am passing a condolence to his family and the Somali nation on behalf of the police force” said Commissioner Qaal.

The injured officer who used to be known as Ali Ibrahim was rushed to a local hospital for quick medical attention but later succumbed to his fatal injuries

Local police have condoned the area of the attack and the commissioner Qaal noted that they will investigate to unearth the root location where the device was attached to the deceased officer’s car was done.

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