Puntland stands against the commissions approved by Somali cabinet

The semi-autonomous regional states of Puntland has for the first comment on the approval of Member National judicial service, Boundaries commission and National independent electoral commission by Somali cabinet ministers on Thursday.
Puntland’s deputy President Abdirahman Abdullahi Ameey speaking to reporters in Garowe said that the administration of Puntland has nothing to do with the appointment of the commissions and as Puntland leaders, they don’t recognized them “commissions” as de jure.
He added “president of federal government of Somalia should do consultation on the selecting and the appointment of these commissions”
He underscored that it is the provisional constitution of the nation what guides both federal government and regional states, therefore the sides must respect and abide by the law.
“As Puntland Administration, we always abide by the law as in accordance with article 111 of the provisional constitution, so we here to inform the public that we (Puntland) have nothing to do with the so called commissions appointed by Somali cabinet ministers” he said.

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