Puntland state forces seize explosives devices in Bosaso, Bari region

In a separate operation carried out by the Puntland security forces in Bossaso seized explosives devices set up by the Daesh group in a building mainly to target government soldiers and civilians in Bossaso.

The equipment seized by the forces consists of ground bombs and suicide bombers following a nine-month-long operation in Bossaso that killed a key member of Daish and captured the head of Amniyat branch in Bari region.

The security also arrested inmates who were behind a bomb explosion that killed five people including security forces at Bosaso town in Puntland regional state.

On May 2017, the Security forces arrested two Al-Shabab suspects with a truck filled explosives and army telecommunication machine at a checkpoint. The vehicle which came from Beletweyne town in central Somalia passing through Galkayo, Garowe and Qardho town carrying explosive materials hidden inside vegetables.

A faction of the Al-Shabab group has been fighting in Puntland regions since the group declared its affiliation to the ISIS fighting in Iraq and other countries.

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