Puntland state president Dr. Gaas calls for unity in the fight against Alshabab

Puntland State President Dr. Abdiweli Ali Gaas. Photo courtesy: Online

State president of Puntland Dr. Adiweli Ali Gaas has called for unity against the battle with Alshabab fighters to eliminate their presence in the country whether in the remote Galgala Mountains in his state or in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

President Gaas noted the ultimate objective of Alshabab fighters is to disintegrate the Somali public and are engaged towards their divisions.

He emphasized the need to carry out a united single move against Alshabab whom he termed them to be disestablishment movement against Somali nation who constantly trouble the locals with multiple problems in order to dethrone the government.

“I would prefer to free the country from today’s existing enemy in Somalia in a united move which is denying our nationhood and has set upon the Somalis with many problems and instigates the difficulties that takes place in order to be in the upper hand”

He reiterated on the need to purge them from every corner and nook in the country from their presence.

“We need to liberate the country from wherever they maybe whether in Galgala or Mogadishu” added president Gaas.

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