Qatar: Change of Tune for President Trump and Turkey’s Military Aid

On Monday this week, US President Donald Trump supported Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Gulf region on their diplomatic isolation against Qatar.

He even wrote on his Tweeter page that the move was based on his speech during his official meeting to Saudi Arabia last month where he met over fifty Islamic heads of State the Gulf.

On Thursday night there was sharp contrast to his earlier stand by making a phone call to the Emir of Qatar. Obviously this is in line with the soft stand of his secretaries of Defense and State when the crisis started.

It is believed the US changed its position on Qatar when it put its military on high alert by taking tanks out of the storage against possible attack from its immediate neighbouring Arab countries.

This move comes into action in light of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain threats to fire on any naval ships from Qatar that enters into their waters.

Qatar’s land border only which it has with Saudi Arabia is shut and it is the closest lifeline for the nation in terms of 40% of its food supply which leads to scarcity of ration and water in the country in the coming days.

On the other hand, Turkish Parliament has overwhelmingly passed an agreement to deploy military personnel to Qatar. Both countries have earlier signed bilateral cooperation on security matters and are expected to carry out joint military exercise.

According to Reuters report, Erdogan has long tried to play the role of a regional power broker, said Ankara would do everything in its power to help end the regional crisis

Turkey has maintained good relations with Qatar as well as several of its Gulf Arab neighbors.

Qatar is now home two biggest NATO members in military wise i.e. USA and Turkey.

The deepening diplomatic crisis is currently having no adverse effect on US military operations in Qatar.

On Monday this week Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and other Gulf States severed ties with Qatar accusing of   supporting Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and having soft stance on Iran, the arch-enemy of all the Arab Gulf States.

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