Qatar delegates arrive Mogadishu, announce to construct Hobyo Port

Qatar delegates led by the Qatar Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani accompanied by Qatar’s Minister of Transport, Communications and Ports, Jassim Bin Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti arrived Mogadishu.

The Deputy Prime Minister Somalia, Mahdi Mohamed Guled (Khadar) and the member of the cabinets have highly welcomed the delegates at Aden Adde international delegation in Mogadishu.

The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Ali Khayre held a meeting with Qatar’s Foreign Minister at his office.

The two officials have discussed the bilateral relations between the two governments and the acceleration of Qatar’s projects in Somalia.

In another conference held by the Minister of Ports of Qatar and the Minister of Ports of Somalia have jointly announced to start the construction of  Hobyo Port and that the Qatar government will implement the project.

In early December 2018, the two governments have signed development agreements that the Qatar government will start port construction projects in Somalia as soon as possible.

Last month, the New York Times has published an exclusive report highlighting how Gulf powers (mainly UAE & Qatar) use guns, cash and terrorism to vie for power in Somalia.

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