Relative calm returns after deadly clash between Oromo and Somali communities in Ethiopia

A relative calm has returned between the Somali and Orama communities on the border of two regional states dominated by the communities after simmering territorial tension boiled, leaving at least 12 people dead and more than 50,000 displaced.

The recent escalation of violence started last week when three people were killed in Deka town at border.

Elder Mohamed Mursal in Deka town said the clashes between Somali and Oromo communities flared up after territorial dispute emerged between the two.

“It is effecting a vast area and the casualties are very high, 3o dead bodies have been counted so far,” Mursal in Deka town where the wounded are hospitalised, said by telephone.

Mursal said there has been a feeling among the Oromo people on the other side of the border that they belong to Deka town and later led clash between the communities.

“The Oromo claim the area is their ancestral land and the Somali families had been brought in from Ethiopian Somali regional,” he said.

The situation escalated when the two communities’ clansmen started revenge attacks.

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