Religious leaders warn against Kiin’s performance, terms ‘affront to religion’

Music artist Kiin Jama on arrival at Aden Adde Airport in Mogadishu April 17, 2018. Photo: courtesy

Somali music sensation Kiin Jama’s arrival in Mogadishu Tuesday with a warm reception from Banadir Regional Administration threw the social media abuzz ahead of an expected performance but that excitement has sinced rubbed the clergy the wrong way.

The artist whose performances leaves tongues wagging has been described by religious scholars and clerics as a threat to religious order and ethics in the Somali society.

Somali Clerical and Religious Association chairman Sheik Bashir Salat said in a media conference Wednesday performances but such artists was polluting morality and religion terming the orgnanisers of the event as ‘dangerous to religion and society’.

“The organizer of the event are dangerous to the religion and society and are spreading sin,” said Salat. “They will be judged now and in the doomsday.”

It was not immediately clear who the organisers of the expected event were but the pronounced presence of BRA officials at Aden Adde Airport Tuesday to receive her left indications the city administration could have been keen on treating residents to a stellar performance.

Sheikh Salat added the youth not to attend the performances as ‘it waylaid them into sin against God and religion.”

He also accused the government of ‘not showing concern’ warning the organisers of the event were ‘promoting foreign agenda’.


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