Residents in Mayungalow Village appeal for help

Reports from Middle Shabelle region indicate that residents of several villages under Jowhar district face desperate situation after heavy downpour destructed their farms.
The chief of Mayungalow village, Mohamed Mohamud Omar who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News said that locals in the village need quick humanitarian assistance.
“People of this village are lacking subsistence such as food, water, health facilities as they were affected by Shabelle River which filled to the brim with frenzied heavy flushing water”
He added “Flushing water seen somewhere 2km far away from the river and the water washed out the crops of many farms near the river”
The recent floods of River Shabelle in many villages such as Mayungalow and Duduble has affected hundreds of people raising fears of livelihood damage.
Since the river has overflowed its banks many families in Duduble locality were so far rendered homeless after their houses turned into dams.

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