Rickshaw driver murdered near police check point in Mogadishu

Rickshaw driver shot dead at the busy street of Makka Mukarama near security checkpoint by armed men riding Toyota pickup truck. Assailants passed the security checkpoint while the police in the checkpoint ignored to stop them. Says eyewitness

The assailants believed to be escorting government official but Goobjoog cannot independently establish the truth of this account.

Passersby astonished the lack of act by the police in the checkpoint and the pictures from murder scene went viral on internet.

Ahmed Molim Fiqi- former Somali National intelligence chief “It is pain and despair that a citizen who struggles to cope with his daily life get shots in middle of the street unjustly, and then the killers walk free. What time is this! Are we in the era of warlords!” said in his Face book account

Many other users of the social media accused Somali government for what happened.

Private security personnel and government forces involve occasional killings while driving busy streets in Mogadishu



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