River Shabelle floods hit over 1000 houses in Baledweyn, Hiran region

River Shabelle flows again inside Beledweyne especially the neighbouring villages including Buundoweyn, Hawlwadaag, Xaawo Taako and Kooshin. The floods force hundreds to flee from their homes and demand urgent help besides Hirshabelle state authorities.

Barely a day ago, Hiran regional governor warns aid agencies against food distribution outside Baledweyn and calls on river floods initiatives to close major point that breaks river banks leading strong water to displace a large number of people and loss of lives.

In 2019 incident, the same floods killed at least 10 people in Baldwyn and lost a lot of structures and livelihoods leaving hundreds displaced and poverty.

The federal government still has not made any progress on the issue of river Shabelle floods which needs more effort and capital to overcome and also to gain a durable solution.

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